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Welcome to Jewelry Book Reviews, the jewelry industry's premier location for free information on books from the International School of Gemology. These reviews cover all types of publications regarding gemstones, gemology, jewelry appraisal and related topics, and are based on many years of hand's on use of these publications in professional jewelry and gemstone industry applications. We welcome you to use this information and invite you to recommend additional books for review. You may submit review requests at the bottom of the page. Click on the book image to go to that page. We are adding more reviews and more books in the coming weeks.


JBR Rating System

Outstanding book that is considered a critical reference or information resource for professionals
Good resource for professionals or consumers but not critical for professionals as a reference or knowledge resource.
Publication contains valuable information that may be useful for professionals or consumers but is not considered as a major industry publication.
Consumer friendly book that provides interesting information but is either outdated or out of print.
Outdated or poor quality that provides no recognizable purpose to the industry.

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